Social media helps TransGrid to be one of Australia’s best employers

With its office based and field staff all over the state, McIntyre is striving to improve communications with the public and the employees of TransGrid through social media and internal communications. One of the tools he will be using to communicate directly with employees is the newly developed and region specific intranet site “The Wire”. He also participates in regular graduate and company wide forums using online tools like Yammer. Here, McIntyre updates employees directly with any TransGrid related news and listens to his staff’s feedback as they share their thoughts organisational policies and industry issues. This creates a corporate culture of inclusion, along with internal polling of high employee satisfaction and a very low turnover rate – it would seem that TransGrid is one of Australia’s best employers.

Mentioned in a general article about TransGrid, who own and operate the high voltage electricity transmission network in the Australian state of New South Wales, is a great example of how even industrial organisations like this (i.e. not an IT or consulting company) benefit from the use of enterprise social computing. In this case they use a combination of Yammer and an intranet, which I believe is based on Microsoft SharePoint.