Accenture’s experience with SharePoint, Newsgator plus Yammer

“SharePoint forms the heart of our social networking capabilities within Accenture,” says Crawford, “We use it as a content management system, a publishing platform and for internal communications.”

Corporate Demographics

Social Demographics

230,000 employees

SharePoint 2010 platform with NewsGator add in for Social

Located in 120 countries

Yammer for microblogging

$25  billion in annual revenues

115,000 employees have filled out profiles

Headquarters in Ireland

5000 profile updates a month

CEO: Pierre Nanterme

1000 blog posts a month

 List of Executives

12,000 video items posted to Accenture Media Exchange


4200+ monthly microblog updates

Accenture’s social business initiative also includes a broad based video strategy. Starting with Cisco’s Telepresence at the high-end and desktop video at the low end.

Good timing with this post from Mark Fidelman, since I’ve been talking about Deloitte’s experience with SharePoint, Newsgator and Yammer and enterprise microblogging in general. Its not entirely clear how the complete stack described above is working together at Accenture, however they clearly see value in both tools.