What’s in it for me? How about success and happiness in the workplace.

The greatest metric for predicting job satisfaction and engagement is the social support perceived by the employee. And job satisfaction and engagement directly correlate with productivity. So the best and fastest way to more connected and therefore more productive is to receive more social support from others at work, right? Not so fast.

The past two decades of research on social support has mistakenly focused on how much social support you receive, not how much social support you provide. It turns out, that giving feels better, does more for you, and provides greater returns in the long run, than getting ever does.

Not using that wiki or internal social network that your company setup for you? Maybe the only person you are hurting is yourself.

I know that a social workplace provides benefits to organisations, but its good to see some emerging research that points out the positive impact on employees who provide social support to the other people they work with.