Get the Proles back to work, their opinion online is worthless

THE anonymity afforded by the internet makes it hard to know for sure who is driving online public opinion. But one thing can be said about this surfing, tweeting, blogging community busy putting links and comments up on their Facebook pages: it is made up of people with nothing better to do.

An interesting argument to discredit the value of online opinion: most people are participating online in company time because they are bored and cranky, so their opinion is skewed and unrepresentative (and clearly, they are of bad character by slacking off).

Curiously, no mention of the online popularity of the ABC’s #qanda and SBS’s refugee ‘reality’ documentary. I’m pretty sure those shows play outside of normal business hours – perhaps they were only popular with shift workers?

And there is plenty of other local research that challenges the mythology of cyberslacking too.

But based on the overall negatively I often see coming from the traditional Australian media about anything to do with the Web (e.g. social media, the National Broadband Network) I can only conclude its the result of widespread boredom in the industry itself.

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2 thoughts on “Get the Proles back to work, their opinion online is worthless

  1. Sadly, most folk younger than about thirty are so dumbed-down by attendance at their respective educational institution, they lack the broader knowledge base to make an online comment that is outside their narrow perspective, actual area of expertise or latest social media gossip.

  2. Unfortunately, so many of the internet generation display such poor literacy skills that they possess only a limited ability to express themselves. With little knowledge of history and an understanding of current world issues horribly distorted by the idiocy of contemporary social media, they are only able to formulate comments that reflect their diminished reality.

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