Managing the transition from one social intranet tool to another


Social intranets are now maturing to the point where some organisations are moving on to their 2nd iteration of software tools. In this instance, following a 12 month trial with Yammer, the Department of Education & Communities in NSW (aka “DET”) have migrated to Socialtext. They are calling their social collaboration tool, Maang (an Aboriginal word for ‘message stick’). This is a big deployment, with over 150,000 users having been automatically provisioned into Socialtext compared to the nearly 10,000 users of Yammer!

One of the things that impressed me about DEC’s approach is how well they supported their initial pilot (they were a case study at Intranets 2011 in Sydney) and it looks like that work is continuing with the new platform – they are thinking beyond just the technology.

Its quite likely that as organisations experiment with social collaboration tools and look for the best fit solutions (and there are many dimensions to this) then such a transistion is something that many will need to manage. For example, during my time at CSC they moved from multiple wiki experiments, then a corporate pilot of Confluence before finally settling with Jive SBS (just after I left).

Note: I couldn’t embed the Prezi above, you’ll need to click through to view it. However, there is some great background information you can spot there about the supporting policies and guidelines that DEC have built around Maang.