What Google+ could learn from About.Me et al

Basically, about.me enables you to create a centralized personal profile page that links to your content around the web. Sound like a Google+ profile page? It’s different for quite a few reasons, but mostly so due to the “splash page” look of the site (where I usually choose to show a large picture of what I look like).

In addition to the slick front end content management tools, about.me also provides analytics so you can see who viewed your profile, where they came from, and where they’ve gone afterwards (your facebook, linkedin, flickr, twitter, blog etc). The only thing that’s missing right now is domain mapping, so I can use my domain name.

They also have a partnership with moo.com (the business card and sticker folks) that let’s you get free business cards that feature a QR code that will link to your about.me profile.

Highly recommended.

I’m a fan of about.me and also flavors.me too. Google isn’t know for the visual aspects of its user experience and I really think they could learn something from the visual design and ease of use of these profile sites.