What Do Citizens Want (in pictures)

Naturally, you can find the actual slides on Slideshare for my 20 minute #govcampau presentation.

Some narrative for the photos:

I started off with the question, are we asking the right questions about Government 2.0?

So often the focus is on the needs of public servants (culture, access to tools, skills and knowledge, etc) or the technology (“Should my department be on Twitter?”). But I thought its time to consider the bigger picture and actually look at what citizens want and need. To do this I turned the tables on the audiance and ran a short user-centred design based brainstorm around the Government 2.0 needs of three (fictious) “personas”.

Unfortunately I wasn’t in a position to talk about the details of current projects I’m involved with, so I finished by looking at three examples that I felt reflected some of the ideas behind my presentation:

There was a bunch of questions and discussion that isn’t covered here, so look out for the video recordings from the day.

Photos by my able assistant, Miss 10.


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