KPMG Australia’s tibbr pilot

Dennis Howlett interviews Chris Robinson, CIO of KPMG Asia Pacific, about their tibbr pilot:

I wanted to know why KPMG would invest in what many people see as technology toys. In the above video, Chris talks about the many needs KPMG has identified as it adjusts to the 21st century.

Among other things, he says that the payback in terms of improved talent retention and the ability to actively connect KPMG alumni back to the mothership provides more than enough ROI to justify the spend. And that’s just the start. In their case, KPMG is using its rollout as a pilot that demonstrates value to the larger global practice. Oh yes, and for the naysayers out there – it is being used as a secure communication connection between KPMG and its clients.

Listening to the interview, you will hear that tools like email and Sharepoint are also still part of the user’s information landscape at KPMG, but they are also mixed with other tools like SAP. tibbr’s role in many respects isn’t to supersede those tools but compliment them.