Attensa – integrating “social” into workflow


You would think that the idea of integrating “social” into workflow was something new, but I’ve been eyeing “Enterprise RSS” as an opportunity for integrating activity and information into work since at least 2007. Attensa is one of those original companies from that time that has continued to focus on this idea, despite the shortsighted view of some who based their conclusions on the consumer use of RSS.

This morning Attensa CEO, Charlie Davidson, dropped me a line to let me know about new release of their StreamServer – it features:

Enterprise-based aggregation hub
Attensa StreamServer brings together information and content from inside and outside the enterprise. From this central location, information is organized into the specific topics important to the organization and effectively matched to the specific people that need awareness of those topics. Centralized aggregation provides many other benefits including the ability to search, recommend, comment, tag and share across all sources.

Enterprise-wide delivery options
Attensa StreamServer securely delivers the information people need in the places they work everyday ― on the web, in email, via their company intranet, in social business applications, and on their mobile devices. These fresh user experiences feature a personal information dashboard that makes staying aware of what matters efficient and more engaging.

Attention analytics
Attensa StreamServer breaks new ground with analytics based on how people are consuming and interacting with content. It leverages collective intelligence to make the entire delivery network smarter and more transparent via personalized recommendations, story ranking and comprehensive reporting.

We don’t talk so much about Enterprise RSS specifically these days, but the Dachis Group has in fact been working away quietly building solutions that leverage the power of Attensa, such as the Reynolds Porter Chamberlain intranet.

Social business design is all about work, don’t you know!