What influences job choice? Social media, mobile devices and Web access

The growing use of the Internet and mobile devices in the workplace is creating a significant impact on job decisions, hiring and work-life balance,” the report concluded. “The ability to use social media, mobile devices, and the Internet more freely in the workplace is strong enough to influence job choice, sometimes more than salary.

This research by Cisco could be a wake up call for many companies involved in the war for talent. However, its interesting to consider the attitude of many companies toward how people actually use social networks like Facebook, which is still quite negative (read the comments). But if Cisco is right, employers may need to think about both access and what their policy is towards what staff do on social media, if they want to create a workplace that is attractive to staff with high job mobility.

Hat tips to Venessa Peach and Peter Black.


4 thoughts on “What influences job choice? Social media, mobile devices and Web access

  1. Perhaps true for a rather small portion of the workforce. I just checked with my mate who is a road-mender and he looked at me as if I were strange.It’s a big world out there.

  2. Kerry, I think it goes without saying that the research refers to white collar knowledge workers and not manual labour sector.

  3. There is an interesting blend of employees in all types of roles using these technologies, where at one end of the spectrum it is where the majority of usage is as consumers and at the other end they mix consumer and professional use. I bet if a young labourer was told he had to leave his mobile at home by an employer he would be pretty pissed off. Social media isn’t limited to white collar jobs, but it is used differently and at different times, so the impact will be different in this context.

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