Microblogging evolved – social task management


Lots of people scratch their heads about the application of social media to actually doing work, particularly with the focus on social support for people in the workplace. Some commentators have highlighted the need to integrate enterprise social software capabilities directly into employees’ workflow (and ironically some are quite evangelical about it, but I digress).

I’ve noticed a flurry of new task-orientated tools appearing, including:

  • Do.com from Salesforce (built around tight integration with Google’s productivity tools).
  • Strides from Socialcast.
  • Asana.

(I’m sure there are more out there that I’ve missed)

This one isn’t new, but in the same vein NationalField also offers some interesting activity rollup features to help managers.

Also, many of the social suites also offer lightweight task and project management – e.g. Jive SBS, IBM Connections and Atlassian Confluence (if you want heavy weight task management, check out Jira).

Of course, task management isn’t new and won’t suit every workplace culture or workflow. But these new plays in social task management may be able to achieve a beach head into organisations that have resisted enterprise microblogging tools like Yammer but by following the same basic user-driven adoption approach that can sneak over the firewall.

Would you rather be Doing and Striding than Yammer’ing? 😉

Image credit: Task List CC BY-NC-SA