3 Intranet Truths

Yes, I know I’m an intranet antagonist – but honestly its for you own good. So here are 3 intranet truths – I’ll have more to say on this later, but in the meantime print it out and stick it on your wall.


2 thoughts on “3 Intranet Truths

  1. As an ex-intrnanet manager for a large UK Government agency and a benchmarker with Ibforum.com I’m surprised and wary of these comments.We see, through benchmarking so many organisations around the world (see http://www.ibforum.com/membership/member-list/), companies getting the basics wrong I start to wonder how many employees would swap ‘innovation’ for ‘effectiveness’ every time.One of the best things that Benchmarking highlights is that there are many organisations without big budgets or tech-innovation who outperform better resourced teams by paying attention to detail.The value of the benchmarking to our members is always a gateway to the other benefits that can be derived from the process. “We just want to see what we are doing well and in which areas we need to improve, and to find out who is doing those things well so we can seek their advice” pretty much sums up a lot of the comments from members I’ve heard during report back / evaluation sessions.Wondering if your view of benchmarking is based on any particular bad experience?Louise H

  2. Louise – you need to look at the 3 points together. Personally I don’t believe in the concept of best practice, but if organisations can improve the effectiveness of their intranets through sharing practices, benchmarking and reviews etc then that’s great. However, it will only take them and their organisations so far. At some point they have to stop looking in the rear mirror. There are a whole chorus of voices out there looking at the leading edge saying that ‘intranets are dead’ (but in fact, being redefined). With some intranets trailing a decade or so behind that front, it might be time to take a short cut and go where everyone is heading. Another way to look at it is that we’ve discovered the earth is round and not flat – if your point of reference is still a flat world, what will you do when you hit the edge of the map?

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