How to show leadership with intranets? Continuous improvement and simple ideas


The other day I blogged about 3 Intranet Truths.

Looking at my first Intranet Truth (“No two intranets are the same. If they are, you are doing something wrong – stop benchmarking and start leading”) its worth reflecting on the first two themes from Step Two Design’s Intranet Innovations 2011 awards:

  • A culture of continuous improvement; and
  • Innovations that are based on very simple ideas

One of the examples they share that embodies these themes is computer animation house, Framestore:

The intranet team created a tool to project manage the visual effects they produce for movies such as the Harry Potter series. Built in-house and displaying data from a third party system, the company’s artists can access tabbed views of complex data about every scene and shot.

Framestore’s success isn’t based on nice to have features or “best practices” blindly copied from others, but by designing an intranet solution specifically for their users. If you want to replicate their success, show leadership by focusing on learning from their method not their design.

You will also see this same mindset in the way Headshift | Dachis Group approaches our projects, including examples such as Reynolds Porter Chamberlain.