Social Performance Management with National Field

Personally, I’ve found the background information on National Field a little obscure. Sure, I get the concept of how they integrate performance management into their enterprise activity streaming app and the fact it was used in Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign in Ohio does grab your attention. What I’ve not been so clear about it how it works in practice and in different scenarios. So, if you are familiar with tools like Yammer but haven’t heard of National Field before it worth watching the video and then browse their Website (which appears to have more information about their product and clients than it did in the past).

I think NationalField may work best where there are no performance management systems already in place for a key or core activity (again, its not clear if it has an API or supports integration with other systems). I don’t see any reason why other activity stream apps couldn’t support the same concept, but the most common use case I’ve seen with other tools has been about integrating around hard process and structures. But with growing interest in embedding activity streams in task-orientated work flows, then National Field does offer a interesting vision for what this could look like. Of course it may be less compelling for industries like professional services, which while they count hours and cents the actual work isn’t transactional in nature.

Perhaps the closest direct competitor might be something like Salesforce, with its tight CRM system integration through Chatter.

Are you using or have you tried National Field?