The impact of Android in Australia on companies developing mobile apps

James Dellow, a senior consultant with social business advisory firm Headshift, said local companies and consumers were more focused on Apple than in other markets such as Europe and the United States because Australia was still a little behind the mobile adoption wave.

“In some respects it’s also more straightforward to put your apps on the iPhone platform because there are a lot more choices with Android,” he said. “Apple has a closed system whereas Android is a bit messier.”

Despite this, Mr Dellow said Android usage among Australian consumers had grown during the past year and predicted it would continue to become more popular. This meant companies were being forced to revisit mobile strategies.

“The big challenge in a smaller market is that companies are nervous about having to support multiple apps,” Mr Dellow said.

I was quoted in the Australian Financial Review this week, discussing the adoption of Android in Australia and its impact on those developing apps for smartphones and tablets.