Social Intranet Software Showcase Webinar on 28th Feb

About this Webinar

Intranets may not be naturally social, but the people who use them and organisations where they exist certainly are. Many organisations are now recognising the importance of social intranets for workforce engagement and productivity.

If you are thinking of deploying a social intranet or want to add social features to an existing intranet there are now many mature software options available to you, but which tools should you be considering?

Headshift | Dachis Group‘s workforce engagement practice has helped many firms bring their existing IT systems to life by adding a social layer that helps people get their work done more effectively. In this 40 minute showcase Webinar, learn from our practical experiences about:

  • What is a social intranet.
  • What are the key features of a social intranet (and the problems they help to solve).
  • Get an overview of the best-of-breed social intranet software tools.
  • Find where and how SharePoints fits.


  • Defining social intranet software.
  • Key features of social intranets.
  • Vendor overviews.
  • What about SharePoint?

I’m hosting a short 40 minute Webinar on 28th Feb at 11am (AEST – Sydney time) to provide a quick overview of social intranets and the leading software tools in this space. This is very much a technology-focused session to help people learn a bit more about the options that are available in the market.


5 thoughts on “Social Intranet Software Showcase Webinar on 28th Feb

  1. There are a few commercial and practical reasons why we ask for registration, using Eventbrite. What are your particular concerns about the registration?

  2. Registration always turns people off, its not that I am “opposed” to registration, I just couldn’t be bothered with it. Usually I, and most people, will just navigate away from a registration page, I thought i’d leave some feedback as to why.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. This isn’t a broadcast video stream of a presentation, but a Webinar that we are hosting using a commercial web conferencing service. From a practical point of view, I do need to manage the number of attendees so registration is necessary in this instance.Keeping in mind the registration issue you have highlighted, I’ve asked for the bare minimum of information (name, email address, job title, organisation and work phone number) – I think that’s reasonable under the circumstances.The session is 90% filled, so the registration aspect doesn’t appear to be a barrier at this point….so there is still time if you want to sign up! 🙂

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