Bring order to chaos with SAP StreamWork

The marketplace for enterprise activity stream is a crowded one these days, with vendors all types offering solutions. This includes enterprise software company SAP, who launched their own solution back in 2009 originally in beta as 12sprints and then rebranded as StreamWork.

While there are many similarities, StreamWork is slightly different from other activity stream tools. Not surprisingly it has a strong task orientation – StreamWork primarily support two views – a main status feed and activities. Hashtags are supported, but other than activities there are no groups. It also provides an instant messaging tool.

Activities are mini-project workspaces (similar to the activities concept in IBM Connections) and you can add from a selection of StreamWork and a small selection of 3rd party widgets. These widgets help you with basic tasks and information management but there are tools to help with coordinating, deciding and analysing. For example:

  • Agendas and timelines. 
  • Ranking, pro-con, and cost-benefit tables. 
  • Consensus votes and quick polls. 
  • SWOT and responsibility matrices.

SAP appear to be positioning StreamWork as being a tool for action and one of the obvious gaps is the lack of features that support workforce engagement, informal collaboration and knowledge management.

However, I was pleasantly surprised that StreamWork provides an API and also supports OpenSocial (incidentally, Atlassian Confluence is one example of the kind of integration that is possible). There are mobile apps for the BlackBerry (of course, this is SAP) and the iPhone. Personally, I think the Web interface is better than the iPhone, which is usable but could be better.

There are a couple of case studies out there about the people who are using StreamWork:

You can take StreamWork for spin yourself by signing up for an account on the free edition.