The great customer service race to the bottom

No one really owned my problem. Not even the databases that stored my info owned the problem. And when the system didn’t work no one was willing, or able, to step out of it and take responsibility for solving my problem. As I said in a pointless email exchange with a gatekeeper in the chief execs office their company was in a race to the bottom with other ISP’s reducing costs to such an extent that their product was becoming unusable. I had little confidence that moving to another ISP would make a lot of difference as their whole industry is afflicted with the same corner cutting mentality. Feeling stuck in this disembodied, call centre hell is an unfortunately common experience these days with all sorts of services.

I think we’ve all experienced this sort of customer service situation, yet how companies deal with exceptions to a process or situation is often the moment of truth for a customer. I guess those that fail here either don’t know any better or have decided they can afford to lose ‘difficult’ customers?