Deloitte’s 90 Day Implementation Plan for Yammer

I stumbled across this recent Webinar aimed at government folks in the US about Yammer, which outlines how Deloitte’s went about launching it to its global user base (Yammer originally started in Deloitte Digital, in their Australian practice). Deloitte is one of Yammer’s high profile success stories and its one I’ve been tracking for a while.

Formally launched globally within Deloitte on 11/11/11, they followed a 90 day plan to implement Yammer:


Only yesterday I was talking about Yammer governance on the Headshift Asia Pacific blog, so its interesting to see the elements that Deloitte included in its plan:

  • Communications;
  • Training;
  • Technology;
  • Risk/Governance;
  • Policy;
  • End User Advocates; and
  • Progam Management.

You will also note they distinguish between the activities required to launch and achieving a “steady state”.

By following this process, Deloitte report in these slides that:

the Deloitte Global Yammer network now exceeds 43,000 members.

This is about a quarter of their employees (~180,000 in total).