Reframe your intranet: Focus on context

Reading this CMSWire article this morning, Reimagining the Intranet: Content in Context, I’m reminded of a presentation I made in 2007 on integrating Enterprise 2.0 into your corporate intranet. One of the slides I used was based on some academic research, published in 2001 that looked at the relationship between information and knowledge:


 I borrowed this concept from the paper, that discussed the idea of:

  • Information spaces;
  • Communications space;
  • Awareness space; and
  • Collaboration spaces.

For far too long traditional intranets have focused on communication and to an extent information. But I wouldn’t say content in context. I’d say its all about context – that part in the diagram where all four spaces meet.

And considering the impact that mobile is having on the enterprise, context is going to be more important than ever.


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