Dion Hinchliffe’s social software industry “solar system” analysis

The Social Media Acquisition Solar Systems: IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Jive, RightNow, Yammer, Rypple, Radian6, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, VMWare, SocialCast, Slideshare, SocialText, Adobe, CubeTree, BuddyMedia, Collective Intellect, Vitrue, Assistly, SuccessFactors, Social Business

Following my recent post over on the Headshift Asia Pacific blog (reflecting on meetings in San Francisco with four social business vendor movers and shakers), I noticed Dion has mapped a bigger picture of the vendor acquisition landscape.

This isn’t a complete picture by any means, but provides you with a sense of the themes at work. I’d add in (for example):

(And so the list goes on… and analysts have been challenged by scope)

Putting the personal and professional social media players (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) aside, its interesting to note the themes in these acquisitions. The companies being acquired cover a range of functions that fall broadly into buckets such as:

  • Social media engagement and analytics. 
  • Online customer service (including social customer service). 
  • Employee engagement and performance. 
  • Collaboration.

Obviously, there is a great deal of overlap between categories too, as vendors don’t necessarily develop themselves to fit neatly into a particular niche. But what I don’t see is any larger vendors acquiring more traditional ‘intranet’ vendors – any suggestions of an acquisition I’ve missed? (I suspect not?)