Monash University’s Survey on Electronic Monitoring and Surveillance in the Australian Workplace

Of those surveyed, 31% reported using social networking sites during work hours. Facebook was the most used site at work (94 per cent), with only 14% acknowledging using social media solely for work-related activities, compared with 42% using it just for personal (non-work related) activities, a 3 to 1 ratio.

Just under half (45%) used social media for both work and personal activities. This highlights the issue of blurring the workplace/private space boundaries and the work and private life boundaries. Given this, it is of concern that only 35% of respondents reported the presence of a policy or statement concerning the use of social media at work. Of those, less than one third – and 12% of those surveyed – indicated they had received training around the use and intent of such a policy.

This survey by Monash University didn’t just look at social media, but everything from attitudes towards the recording of employees’ telephone conservations to the use of blocking/filtering software to prevent access to certain websites. The full report is available (PDF) to download.