Socialtext case study of a family-owned, industrial company pushing innovation like a dot com


I always like to see examples that show the application of mobile + social + cloud in situations beyond the normal office-based knowledgeworker scenarios. In this case, this Webinar from Socialtext provides a case study on Industrial Mold & Machine who are using mobile access to provide access to their social intranet on the shop floor. The Webinar also features Andrew McAfee, who provides context for the case study.

Terri Griffith provides an overview of the story, concluding:

it may be an example of the next big wave, the “next big thing,” that so many tech pundits are looking for.  This is a hardcore, family-owned, industrial company pushing innovation like the best of the dot coms.  I can’t wait to see what they, and other companies like them, do next.