Yammer case study: Hall & Wilcox, a law firm in Melbourne, Australia

We have discussed the importance of adoption events to the success of enterprise social network adoption a few times. A successful adoption event informs users of the benefits of using the ESN, models desired behaviors, increases awareness and establishes a call to action. An example of a really creative launch came to my attention, and I just had to get to know the company that made its own Yammer shirts (and sent me one!), and baked Yammer cupcakes. That company was Hall & Wilcox, a law firm in Melbourne, Australia. I caught up with Yammer champions Josephine Murfey and Chris Warburton at Hall & Wilcox, and this is what we talked about.

I’ve talked to and worked with enough people in professionals services firms in recent years to know they have mixed success with a viral adoption approach. One law firm I spoke too commented that all staff did on Yammer was share funny jokes and it wasn’t perceived as adding much to the work culture or practice. However, Hall & Wilcox is a good case study of the kinds of activities you could be using to help create and maintain momentum if you wanted to do more than simply throwing open the doors to an enterprise social networking platform. The other common factor here of course is Pete Williams, who you many have noticed acts as the idea virus in many of Yammer’s Australian success stories.