Social Collaboration at Bayer with IBM Connections

Kurt De Ruwe is CIO of Bayer MaterialScience and he explains in this video how they are using IBM Connections to be more social internally. Earlier in June, he tweeted that:

Today I have 4 of our 9 board members writing 1 to 2 microblogs per week on our internal ‪#IBMConnections‬ platform. Just 5 more to onboard

You can read more about the Bayer story in this Forbes article by Mark Fidelman:

De Ruwe’s has been able to get 66% of Bayer Material Science employees using the whole platform on a regular basis. He’s quite pleased with that. “Sometimes if people ask me to quantify in Euros or dollars what the platform has delivered to us – I tell them to look at the change of mindset, the open information sharing, and how quickly information passes around Bayer. Things that otherwise may have taken two or three weeks to uncover, now take hours.”