Better hospital information for Australians

Nationally consistent, locally relevant

MyHospitals presents data on individual public hospitals throughout Australia. It has been set up under the National Health and Hospitals Network Agreement. It also includes information on many private hospitals.

MyHospitals is based on the latest available information provided by state and territory health departments and private hospitals to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Over time, the contents of the website will be expanded to add further information.

I’m never one to criticise any movement in the right direction, but lets face it – the MyHospitals site is just a fancy online brochure. Instead of flicking the pages, you can search directly for the hospital you are interested in.

The site’s copyright and terms of use are also very restrictive (alas, no hint of Creative Commons).

There is no data API, no news feeds to keep you updated, no social sharing options. Even the opportunity to include a map of the exact location of the hospital was overlooked.

And finally, statistics is one thing, but where are the stories [PDF] behind this data?

In that respect, I also wonder if issues of data quality might be improved if the AIHW applied some Gov 2.0 principles to the site and the process behind it. What do you think?