A couple of photos from KM Australia

A great turn out at KM Australia this week. Also, I got to meet the “Koach” 😉


The We, Who Watch the Watchmen


Regardless of where you stand on the Occupy movement, this photo highlights that even if we forget the protests themselves (and the abuses) something has definitely changed. Not sure if we should really call it citizen journalism, more a kind of governance.

What Do Citizens Want (in pictures)

Naturally, you can find the actual slides on Slideshare for my 20 minute #govcampau presentation.

Some narrative for the photos:

I started off with the question, are we asking the right questions about Government 2.0?

So often the focus is on the needs of public servants (culture, access to tools, skills and knowledge, etc) or the technology (“Should my department be on Twitter?”). But I thought its time to consider the bigger picture and actually look at what citizens want and need. To do this I turned the tables on the audiance and ran a short user-centred design based brainstorm around the Government 2.0 needs of three (fictious) “personas”.

Unfortunately I wasn’t in a position to talk about the details of current projects I’m involved with, so I finished by looking at three examples that I felt reflected some of the ideas behind my presentation:

There was a bunch of questions and discussion that isn’t covered here, so look out for the video recordings from the day.

Photos by my able assistant, Miss 10.

Photos from the Sydney #sbs2010 venue – The Mint

The Social Business Summit in Sydney was held at the historic Mint, with venue services provided by the Trippas White Catering. I’m giving these guys a plug, because the quality of the venue and service was just excellent. I was also impressed by their audio-visual guy, who for a change didn’t simply plug us in and then run!

BTW Just so you know, the coffees are a Long Black (mine) and a Cap for Anne. And with great serendipity, the deck chairs were there by chance but reflected perfectly our theme image for the day.

Note: The welcome message and Headshift ‘Sail’ images are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND

The Enterprise 2.0 Breakfast comes to Melbourne

A big thank you to everyone in Melbourne for joining Anne and I for an Enterprise 2.0 breakfast. As always the conversation covered a lot of topics, mostly related one way or another to the topic of ‘Enterprise 2.0’.

Howard Emery (pictured at the back of the group, in a black jacket) provided some conversational inspiration for me, with his recent guest post on the Headshift Australasia blog. As we walked over to Southbank from the hotel in the city, Anne and I ended up chatting about the differences between Sydney and Melbourne (as you do!). Naturally, we ended up talking about one of my favourites topics, which is the idea of treating information environments as a kind of urban environment that people have to navigate through – it raises all sorts of interesting questions about design, planning but also if it is possible to transplant one culture from one place to another. That conversation spilled over into the breakfast conversation, although I also ended up talking about everything from the future of intranets as being about getting things done and the challenges of encouraging senior managers to engage online with each other.

I’m expecting the next Enterprise 2.0 Breakfast will be back in Sydney, sometime in April or May. Stay tuned for details from me or Alex Manchester (over at Step Two Designs) for details.

BTW tomorrow (Thursday) I’m at the second day of the Hargraves Institute’s Innovation 2010 conference, talking about Social Business Design (which coincides with the start of Social Business Summit series in Austin, Texas tomorrow too).

Enterprise 2.0 for Breakfast this morning #e20forbreakfastsyd


Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Enterprise 2.0 meet up this morning, here in Sydney. One of the main themes in the conversation this morning was discussing our own experiences of the different organisational factors – such as internal politics, perceptions of productivity in the workplace, information security concerns and generational change – that get in the way of effectively introducing enterprise social computing.

Unfortunately, due a sporting injury, Alex wasn’t was able to make it this time but hopefully he’ll be recovered for our next meet up. If you couldn’t make today either but would like to be invited to future meet ups, please get in touch with your twitter or email details so I can ‘ping’ you when we schedule our next event.