What is Qwiki? Let it give you an overview about itself

Qwiki creates an automated audio-visual over-view of any subject in Wikipedia. Bearing in mind this is only in alpha, I think this can only get better – it would be great on a company intranet too.

Apparently, we’ll eventually be able to create Qwiki reports on ourselves, drawing on o social media profiles such as Facebook and LinkedIn. But by then I do hope they come up with a better name than ‘qwiki’ – think about it.

“Mostly Harmless” – Wikipedia’s first 10,000 edits (from Boing Boing)

Joseph Reagle, author of the excellent history of Wikipedia, Good Faith Collaboration (review coming soon) sez, “When I wrote my book on Wikipedia’s culture and history, many sources, such as emails from founders, Nupedia-l archives, and (most sadly) the early days of Wikipedia contributions were lost to bit rot. But thanks to a recent discovery of some old log files by Tim Starling, I’ve been able to roughly reconstruct the first 10,000 edits to Wikipedia (about 6 weeks).”

There is probably some good behaviour data to mine here, for those wanting to kick off their own encyclopaedia-style or knowledgebase wiki to imagine what their first 10,000 edits might look like.

Looking at the entry for Australia I was reminded of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

To wiki is obviously human.